Yoga teacher training: Yoga for stress management and relaxation by Kita book

Yoga teacher training: Yoga for stress management and relaxation (30 poses step by step guide of yoga for complete beginners: Healthy Living, Meditation, Yoga Sutras, Asana Yoga, Anxiety Book 1)

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Yoga teacher training: Yoga for stress management and relaxation (30 poses step by step guide of yoga for complete beginners: Healthy Living, Meditation, Yoga Sutras, Asana Yoga, Anxiety Book 1)

Yoga for stress management and relaxation
Yoga is a popular way to increase flexibility, gain strength, and reduce stress. This system of physical and mental practices originated in India roughly 5,000 years ago. One translation of the word "yoga" is "union," referring to the connection of body, mind, and spirit. There are many different types of yoga that range from gentle to strenuous, but every form of yoga improves your health from head to toe, inside and out. The most common techniques practiced in yoga are poses ("asanas" in Sanskrit), breathing exercises ("pranayama" in Sanskrit), and meditation.
When done regularly, yoga can keep you healthy. It can aid in the recovery from illness and pain; and it can discourage disease. It can also provide greater mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall wellness.
The book consists of 30 exercises, divided into three levels: Beginners, Medium, Advanced
Each exercise posture is visualized, with a description of the training.
Hope the book will help you improve health, spirit, success in life
*How yoga helps reduce anxiety and manage stress
Everyone suffers from mild anxiety from time to time, but chronic anxiety takes a tremendous toll on the body, draining energy resources and keeping the body in a constant state of stress. The effects of anxiety are magnified when the body is not exercised: tension in the muscles builds, breathing remains constricted most of the time, and the mind has no rest from the whirling thoughts and feelings that feed the anxiety.
Yoga helps you to access an inner strength that allows you to face the sometimes-overwhelming fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life. A few Yoga exercises practiced daily (especially if they are done just prior to meditation) help to regulate the breath and relax the body by gently releasing tension from the large muscle groups, flushing all parts of the body and brain with fresh blood, oxygen, and other nutrients, and increasing feelings of well-being.
*Why yoga is an extremely effective way to lose weight
– Yoga relaxes your body and mind:
Being overweight is an indicator that something is out of balance in your life. Excess stress is a big factor that contributes to weight gain.
Last year, when I was teaching a yoga retreat in Italy, Deborah—a participant from California—told me she lost almost 10 pounds over the week. I asked her what made the difference. She responded, “Well it’s the first time that I have been able to switch off and relax in a long time.” Deborah had been going through a stressful time and the yoga retreat allowed her the space she needed to relax and reconnect back to herself.
Yoga is an easy way to help you relax. When you practice yoga, you bring a deep sense of relaxation to your body and your mind. As you relax, you begin to ease the stress in your life, weight loss will begin to happen naturally.
– Yoga assists detoxification:
Doing yoga is an excellent place to start detoxifying your body. Yoga tones up the inner organs and helps them to work optimally again.
– Yoga helps release stuck emotions:
Not only does yoga help you to notice how you’re really feeling about something, it also helps you connect with your personal power so that you have the courage and confidence to express how you feel. Expressing how you feel is the key to feeling good about yourself and is an important aspect of losing weight.
Daily practice of complete relaxation and meditation is also essential – even a few minutes of meditation during your work day can make a difference. This daily training in focusing the mind on stillness will teach you how to consciously quiet your mind whenever you feel overwhelmed. Meditation puts you in touch with your inner resources; this means less dependence on medications, greater self-awareness, and a fuller, happier life.


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