Women Sleuths: Little Secrets: Mystery by Sindy S. S

Women Sleuths: Little Secrets: Mystery ( Searial Killers)

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Women Sleuths: Little Secrets: Mystery ( Searial Killers)

"Collection I : Jessica stirred in bed that night thinking of Max, much as she did not want to admit it to herself, she was attracted to him. His boyish smile, dangerous attitude and simple demeanor reminded her about the past.
“I am grown now; I am smarter and more mature. I am not the same girl he knew three years ago”, were the words she kept on telling herself every time she looked in the mirror.
The case she was now working on with him also reminded her of their connection in the past. She would steal a few side glances and fantasize about his masculine body whenever he was not looking.
As a female detective, Jessica has never been this unprofessional and to some point is worried whether or not she will be able to work in this environment.
Will Jessica solve the case without any distraction? Will she have to hire someone else instead of Max? Or will she bask in the flattery that comes with the job?

Collection II : ""Sally Waters does not like being outsmarted; she is good at her job and lands a case that takes her on a much unexpected ride. Discretion is her middle name and is very important in her line of work. She marks her target and trails him but the target is slippery as butter and to Sally knows that he is being followed. Lack of physical trailing does not limit Sally’s endeavors. She had been a private investigator for many years and setting traps is not hard for her. She baits her target and loves how easily he takes it, and after a game of online chase with the stranger, she scores herself a date.
Even though her target is slippery, Sally does not give up trailing him. She gets more frustrated when she cannot find a clear photo of him neither can she get a visual. After marking his schedule and trailing him to a strip club, Sally uncovers a few things that make her want to drop the case. Granted that the case is giving her good money and the client is a very influential man, but Sally still does not like the position she currently is in.
It all takes a different turn when Sally later discovers that she had been trailing her ex, Jeff who is probably a drug dealer.
"" "


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