Woman Preach by Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn

Woman Preach

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Woman Preach

I am delighted to read Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn’s book, Woman Preach, giving credence to women preachers. There have always been “women preachers” and they have filled a mighty place in history as evidenced here in this work. They were correct to lead whether or not they were approved, accredited or otherwise legitimized by the powers that existed in the community structure at the time and place they existed. God needed them, God called them, and God used them! And He is doing so today, in this place.

Women can preach…… pray…… administer…… heal…… counsel…… comfort…… lead worship…… serve…… write …… lead people to Jesus …… inspire…… love…… bring justice…… give hope and joy…… witness…… teach…… mediate…… or meditate. Whatever it is that God requires, a woman is able.

This book gives many beautiful examples of women and how they have served God, the church, and the people. Let this book serve as an inspiration to those who feel the call that their services are needed. The world has many wrongs to be righted. To deny the talents of over half its population is a grave injustice to all.

I felt the call early in my life to be a missionary. My favorite place to talk to God was sitting in a pine tree in the middle of a huge field with wind softly whistling through it. It was between God and me alone in the pine tree. Not those who devise organizational structures. Not those who aren’t accepting of a woman’s call to preach. Certainly, obstacles can get in the way. It’s not an easy way, but if a woman is called, it’s THE way.

There is a part of the marriage ceremony that states emphatically: “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” I would paraphrase that to say, “Whomever God has called to Himself and to His service, let no man put asunder.”

Women Can Preach! Woman Preach!!

Kay Higginbotham, Contributing Author

Virtues from the Heart


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