From Within A Floating Cylinder by M.D. Playdon

From Within A Floating Cylinder

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From Within A Floating Cylinder

As the single cylinder structure humanity lives in slowly erodes into sea while the recourses inside it dwindle, Zanvora (alien) presents Cedric (human) the specifications for a machine known as the Minokanga: a device powerful enough to rip targeted black-holes in the fabric of space. Although the aliens (known as the Ondala) intend to use this technology to leave Earth with the humans they’re living among, Zanvora calls for feast; one hundred humans every month it takes to build the device.

While Cedric and Zanvora tell their stories from the perception of leaders of their people, it is Emolyn who allows the reader to see the results of these decisions. When her own girlfriend is taken to the feast, Emolyn suddenly finds herself in an unsteady alliance of a group who hope to abandon the Ondala on Earth, and use the Minokanga exclusively for themselves.


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