The Wintersea by Michael Meyerhofer

The Wintersea (The Godsfall Trilogy Book 2)

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The Wintersea (The Godsfall Trilogy Book 2)

A brief but bloody civil war has ended with the Knighthood in tatters. The dead haunt Stillhammer and choke the waters surrounding the Lotus Isles. At great cost, Rowen and his companions healed the breach in the Dragonward, but too late, they learn that a potent enemy has already slipped through. Nekiel, the one foe even Fâyu Jinn failed to slay, is on the move.

Rowen and his friends, joined this time by an ally of terrible power and questionable motives, must brace for an epic battle. They race north onto the frigid Wintersea in search of the ultimate game piece that will grant victory to whichever side claims it first: Khyrshar, the last dragon.


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