Wind of Change by Tanya Allan

Wind of Change (Elemental Book 3)

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Wind of Change (Elemental Book 3)

In the final episode of this first series of books in which we follow Krista and Talia on their adventures across time and space…..
…’s not easy persuading two great powers to back down and make peace, especially when the actual reasons for making war in the first place have long been forgotten. Those in power, on both sides, have got into the habit of ruling, and ruling in a certain way. Even if they wanted to change, none of them really possess the first idea of how best to do it. They certainly weren’t going to be the first, so peace has got to be the first item on any agenda
So, as Ghart and Larillion were stuck in a stale-mate situation, with both sides facing increasing social pressure to change of deal with the very real prospect of revolution by a down-trodden soldiery and civilian populations.
Change was already happening, quietly and behind the social scenes in Ghart. The women were initiating change through quietly pressurising their men and persuading them of the type of change they thought was both appropriate and fair.
Larillion, however, needs some catalyst to initiate the right sort of change, but at present there was no way in and no agents upon whom they could rely.
Talia realises that one of them must go, and her experience and gifts make her the logical choice – the only choice.
They hit on a plan that follows a crafty double bluff after a large scale military operation. However, it requires the Ghartian army to hold and to press home an attack against an increasingly desperate Larillion army.
Will everyone hold their nerve, and if so, will she manage to stir the right sort of response?


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