The Wildest Woods by S.K Munt

The Wildest Woods (The Eden Chronicles Book 4)

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The Wildest Woods (The Eden Chronicles Book 4)

They tell me to take a leap of faith

They tell me to believe in myself

They tell me that I am the answer to their prayers

But I don’t believe in any of it. Not myself, not the concept of faith and certaily not that prayers are ever heard, let alone answered.

In fact, the only thing that I do believe in, is freedom. I believe that I have earned it. I believe that I deserve it.
And I certainly believe that I will kill the next person who tries to tell me, or anyone else, otherwise.

So maybe that is what will keep us all safe, yes? Not the faith that I have in myself as a leader, but the burning hatred that I feel towards very other leader that there has ever been.

The hatred I feel for those that boiled the blood in my veins to begin with, when they told me that I was just a wh-

No, I won’t use that word.

That’s their word. That word was created by men, under God’s leadership, while quoting God’s rules. That word is more poisonous than the Devil’s Clap sap, and more destructive than an inferno.

But not more distructive than ME.

Under my leadership, under Satan’s rule, no one will ever, EVER use that foul word again.

And that, you CAN put your faith in.


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