The Waxwing’s Winter: Cozy Mystery by Ruby Loren

The Waxwing's Winter: Cozy Mystery (Hayley Argent Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

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The Waxwing’s Winter: Cozy Mystery (Hayley Argent Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

*This book can be read as a standalone!*

The stables’ horsey holiday accommodation has been booked by a group of hens and their bride-to-be, but when one of their number is murdered, it turns into the holiday from hell.

Inspector Rouen is leading the investigation into the death, but when Hayley asks her Inspector boyfriend to share the details, it becomes clear that (despite her assistance on his last case) he doesn’t want her help with this one. Hayley suspects it has something to do with the very rude, and unfortunately, very attractive female police officer, who follows the Inspector like a shadow.

So, when Hayley overhears the owner of the stables having what sounds like a very incriminating telephone conversation, she decides that it will be her own little mystery to solve…

Returning home late at night after a dreadful date, Hayley hears a horse neigh in the lane outside the stables. Fearing an escapee, she goes out to investigate, only to come face to face horse she’s never seen before in her life. Who does the mystery horse belong to, and is it tied in with the unsolved murder?


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