The Warrior Race: Book One by T.C. Edge

The Warrior Race: Book One (The Enhanced Universe)

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The Warrior Race: Book One (The Enhanced Universe)

Kira Blackstone’s reputation precedes her. Rebel, warrior, genetically enhanced killer. She’s fought since she was a girl to save the city of Haven. Now, unfortunately, her friends are going to have to fight their war without her.

Kidnapped during a fight by a group of mysterious soldiers, garbed in fine silver armour and flowing red robes, Kira finds herself waking in total darkness. For a girl who can see in the dark, that’s quite the rarity. And soon, she’ll find that her other powers have been suppressed as well.

She doesn’t know where she is. She doesn’t know who has taken her. But before too long, the mystery of her kidnapping will begin to unfold, and the reason she was taken will become crystal clear.

When it does, Kira will discover that the war she left might just have been nothing compared to what she now faces. And while she’s stood toe to toe with powerful foes before, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

The warrior race is on…

Set in the world set up by The Enhanced Series, the Warrior Race tells Kira’s story, taking you on a wild ride that expands on the world of The Enhanced in surprising and exciting ways. It can be read as an entry point into the world of The Enhanced, and no knowledge of the main series is needed to get stuck right in.


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