Victory Unleashed: A Veterinarian’s Tale of Thriving in a Profession Marked with Depression by Dr. Heidi Pulito DVM

Victory Unleashed: A Veterinarian's Tale of Thriving in a Profession Marked with Depression

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Victory Unleashed: A Veterinarian’s Tale of Thriving in a Profession Marked with Depression

Does it feel like you are drowning in your veterinary career?

Did you know that Veterinarians have one of the highest rates of suicide out of all the professions in the world?

Do you want to learn how to better handle your high stress work environment?

This book helps lead frustrated veterinarians to freedom by defining the truth about the challenges of the profession, and how to combat them in a way that leads to victory. Victory is defined as thriving in a profession that historically has led most veterinarians into a spiraling depression. By learning about the dangers of bitterness, career idolatry, and victimization, veterinarians can start to see where these dangers are taking root in their own lives and learn how to triumph over them through a relationship with Jesus and His power at work in the mind, body and soul. They can start to discover aspects of their careers that are enjoyable to them as well as finding life outside of the profession that invigorates them. Through balance, community, and serving others, veterinarians can choose to focus on other areas of life instead of drowning in career challenges. My goal for this book is that by using personal examples and strategies from my own veterinary career, veterinarians can come to the realization that they do not have to leave the profession in order to lead an exhilarating career and life built on faith and serving both animals and people.


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