Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within by Brittany R. Tate

Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within

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Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within

Everyone has experiences that have taken their life down an unexpected crash course. Seeing where they have ended up in comparison to where they desire to be can be discouraging. Even with giving their all, it seems impossible to gain the necessary traction to reach the next victory in money, time, and mental freedom. Have you ever felt stuck? What has been lost along the way?

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Social Justice Advocate, and Founder of SeedSoilWater.Today Brittany (Sunshyne) Tate experienced many of life’s obstacles herself. Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within takes readers on a candid interactive journey as Brittany shares her story of surviving to thriving offering actionable ideas that helped move her through Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction in her career path, physical health struggles and worst of all, the loss of her faith. No matter whether you’re an avid believer or atheist, this book has something to offer if you lead a solution-driven lifestyle.

Through It is an interactive workbook for solution-seekers that delves into crucial concepts including self-awareness, taking control of mind and emotions for success, coping with trauma, identifying and moving through obstacles that stunt growth, spiritual identity, damaging cultural norms, and facing debilitating fear in order to access your idea of a fulfilling and abundant life. Boldly open your mind to the dreams that you’ve hidden away underneath the pain, stress, and excuses. Move through the jungle of your life’s obstacles and behold your inner conqueror! What’s on the other side of your victory?

Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within is for those tired of just getting by in life, ready to responsibility for every outcome. It is for those ready to take control and create a life of thriving victory. Removing excuses, readers will honestly reflect on trauma, family background, habits, and comfortable routines in order to identify hindrances. This journey is not for those wishing to live in the fog of familiarity, but rather those ready to address every area of life in order to conquer with control, clarity, and compassion for others.

Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within discusses:
•The principle of perception, how perspective sets the tone for how we perceive interactions in life
•Spiritual health and wellness, Purpose and passions, Seeking growth and expansion
•Divine Identity, Self-Limiting beliefs, self-love, self-confidence, self-image, self-expectation
•Being imprisoned by vices, addiction, and fear-based operating
•Entrepreneurship, diversifying streams of income, creative solutions for finances
•Shifting mindset to break chains and thrive
•How habits and routines came to be established in our life
•How to fight for breakthrough, stability, health, healing and wellness
•Honest evaluation of current way of living taking into account what works and what does not
•Life’s lessons, how they re-present themselves, how to look for them and learn from them
•Relationships, budgeting, spending habits, financial literacy, health literacy, and other social norms in developed nations (specifically North America)
•Influencers – media, friends, family, faith
•Coping skills, coping with trauma, and mental health
•Business, Work, Career fields, Network Marketing, College, Debt

Through It: Unveiling the Conqueror Within touches on many subjects because that is how real life is – we juggle relationships, work, children, achievement, self-esteem, mental battles and financial issues all at once. Each play a role in our overall experience and perception in life. At times, we compartmentalize to the point of disjointed understanding. Often, one realm is unknowingly affecting another. SeedSoilWater.Today exists for seekers who refuse to settle for less than abundance, health, wellness, peace and joy.


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