Universal Reality 2.0: Clarifying the new Theory of Everything by Edgar L. Owen

Universal Reality 2.0: Clarifying the new Theory of Everything

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Universal Reality 2.0: Clarifying the new Theory of Everything

Universal Reality 2.0 is the best and most comprehensive Theory of Everything currently available. It presents a revolutionary new understanding of all aspects of reality including relativity, quantum theory, time, and cosmology that’s completely consistent with the science by revealing the hidden principles that unify them all.

And this revolutionary new model of reality also seamlessly integrates the fundamental elements of our personal experience including existence, consciousness, and the present moment, which current science is unable to explain.

To complete our new understanding Universal Reality 2.0 also explains in detail how the world we see around us is actually a simulation running in our own brains. By revealing how our simulation conceals the true nature of reality from us we are able to cut through to the realization of the true nature it conceals.

Here we discover that the universe is computational. The universe and everything in it including ourselves is a running program continually computing the data of its existence. Thus the entire observable universe is continually recomputed in the virtual world of the quantum vacuum in terms of the virtual data of the complete fine-tuning which is just as real as the data of the observable universe.

Thus we are the biological robots of ourselves. We are autonomous, intelligent, sentient, purposeful, and free-willed biological beings that continually compute our actions in interaction with a world of other running programs at every moment of our existence.

This book reveals this entire integrated system in beautiful detail and how it works to compute every aspect of the universe in a seamless unity. It’s a clear, easy to understand, and incredibly profound presentation of the true deep nature of the universe that’s available nowhere else, and neither we nor the universe will ever be the same.


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