Unfurled; Your Vision & Legacy: Create Your Vision, Trust Your Process, Get What You Want. by M. R. Anderson

Unfurled; Your Vision & Legacy: Create Your Vision, Trust Your Process, Get What You Want.

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Unfurled; Your Vision & Legacy: Create Your Vision, Trust Your Process, Get What You Want.

There are no extra humans.
What tickles your fancy is exactly what’s good for the world even if you can’t see how.
Find out what that is, and go and do it.

That’s Mariska’s philosophy and frankly, it works. Mariska believes that we have to start where we are. That we only ever have each moment that we can impact or change or acknowledge and so that is where we must start. That is our point A on the map, and our goal is point B. Then, the road trip of life is meant to be full of adventure, both potholes and hilltops and we’re meant to absorb all the good, and all of the interesting information we can learn from – allowing ourselves to be enriched each and every moment.

In doing so, we let go of the last moment because there was nothing else that could’ve been done to make it better. Mariska believes that life is NOT serious. That it’s OK to try, and not succeed, at any age. That it’s OK to imagine, to play, to explore, even when others don’t agree. Mariska therefore believes in the extraordinary and she sincerely believes in you. All of this comes through vividly in this book — not only are you encouraged to think out of the box, as big as you can, to really immerse yourself in what might be possible for you… what you might be capable of that perhaps you’ve never thought about before; you’re encouraged to let yourself be gentle, take the time you need, start where you are whenever and however you like and have a bloody good time doing so.

Here you will find the one key to finding your Vision, as well as suggestions for what to ask yourself. You’ll find out how it will feel to know what you’re aiming for, and the kinds of thinking that lead to success so you don’t hold yourself back. You’ll find out how to get started, and how to integrate all of your skills and experiences so far, so you can see all the tools you have at your disposal, for success. You’ll find out what your Legacy is, and how this novel, simple concept can shift your understanding of yourself in and of the world, in minutes — leading you ever closer to being aligned with your greatest desires.


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