Unf*ck Your Life: Habits to Hack Your Day by E. K. Jones

Unf*ck Your Life: Habits to Hack Your Day

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Unf*ck Your Life: Habits to Hack Your Day

It’s not your fault. Really, it isn’t.

I know you’ve had those plans for a while. You’ve had that dream forever. Life is just too chaotic to take the steps you need. There’s always a new problem, always a new wrinkle working to beat you down. This isn’t fair, but it’s just how it goes. You’ll get it done eventually. Why do these problems always seem to hit you hardest, though?

News flash: they don’t.

You’re just less prepared. These issues are the work of chaos, a nefarious, free-wheeling agent threatening to sink your every day. Using its bag of tricks, it throws everything it’s got at you, sending your day down a spiral of fatigue and defeat. This is a vicious cycle, working to wear you down, more and more, little by little, every day.

Time to break it.

Using the no-nonsense, set-it-and-forget-it lifehacks in this book, you can harness your inner potential, and strengthen your mind and body. This will help you fight chaos at every turn. Without chaos to worry about, your life will begin to look a LOT different.

In this book, you will learn:
– What chaos does to you and your body
– How to plan your day more efficiently
– How to keep your mind fresh and strong
– How to keep your body from fatiguing
– How to hack your life long-term
– And more!

Use these skills to reach all your goals – a new job, a new career, going back to school, better grades. Anything you can visualize, you can create. Any problem that stands in your way, you can disarm and defeat. Unf*ck your life today. There’s no better time than now!

Now complete with a full appendix of user testimonials!


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