Two Simple Words by Dara Lynn

Two Simple Words

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Two Simple Words

For the first 9 months of Alissa Ashton’s life, she and her sister were virtually identical, but then birth happened. Damage to her brain left her body with a life-long impairment known as hemiplegic cerebral palsy. However, the condition pales in comparison to the life-long impairment caused by two simple words her mother and sister have used to label her: "Crippled One."

Dressed as Elvira, she find an unlikely Prince Charming at a Halloween Party, drinking away his sorrows, and rescues him. After an unbelievably gross but wonderful night together, she flees down his front steps to her car, but cannot escape what she feels. She’s in love. After only one night she can’t believe the connection she feels with him. She doesn’t know it but he feels the same way. If only he knew her real name?

When the prince shows up at her house with the shoe his Cinderella left behind at his house the night before, he meets her sister, who forms a plan. Just like Alissa’s self-confidence, she steals him, and spends the next two months flaunting it.

The trouble with the sister’s plan is that it’s not just Alissa’s body which is different from her sister’s, and before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve it leads her Prince Charming to a revelation, a lost shoe, and two simple new words for Alissa that will change her life forever.


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