Twisted Auction: Gay Paranormal MPREG Romance by Tammy Knight

Twisted Auction: Gay Paranormal MPREG Romance

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Twisted Auction: Gay Paranormal MPREG Romance

Chey Sheffield considers himself your average alpha in dragon society. He has yet to claim a mate, but he has had his share of omegas through an Underground bracket that provides Omega Services. When he gets a letter regarding an auction of unfit studs, he is initially uninterested. That is, until he finds out the Underground is providing a sneak peek of the studs at his place of work. That’s where he meets a pale omega named Cecil, who has been battered and abused in his line of work. Cecil is tragically beautiful, and Chevy feels protective of the slender omega who can not protect himself. Moreover, he finds himself immediately enamored with Cecil. An alpha could never fall for an omega off the auction block, however, it was unfathomable to his people. Those sold in auction weren’t slated to lives of luxury by any means. Chevy couldn’t make the mistake of falling for the beautifully broken omega… Could he?

Seven Bonus Books Included*


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