The Trust by Mikey Campling

The Trust (The Downlode Heroes Book 2)

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The Trust (The Downlode Heroes Book 2)

In the virtual worlds at the Downlode Trust, you can be anyone you want – but who can you believe?

Hank doesn’t do VR. Not anymore.

He was always good at VR games, especially Combat Unlimited, but he’s left all that behind. These days, he doesn’t even log on. But he’s down on his luck, and when he’s offered a place at the prestigious Downlode Trust, it’s too good to miss. It means leaving home and everything he knows, but tempted by the Trust’s cutting edge VR, he signs up. Now, he must travel to the UK and forge a new life while tackling new challenges that push at the limits of his ability.
But there’s trouble at the Trust. A security breach in the Trust’s systems looks like an inside job. Who could be behind the cyberattack? And will it make the Trust’s students vulnerable?
As head of operations, Colonel Stewart Headingley-Clarke is in a race against time to protect everyone at the Trust. Can he root out the trouble before the new students arrive?
Meanwhile, one student has discovered an illegal mod, smuggled into the VR system. It will make her invincible, and she wants to make sure she’s the only one who can use it. She’ll do whatever it takes, and no one will be allowed to stand in her way. No one.

Join Hank in The Trust, but remember: logging in is just the beginning.

From the author
The Trust is a perfect read for fans of cyberpunk and technothrillers – it’s a complex and fast-moving story, and like Ready Player One, will be enjoyed by those who are interested in role playing games, LitRPG, and speculative ideas about technology. In The Trust, while technology and VR are important to the plot, the characters are what drives the story forward. You do not have to have read the first book, CHEATC0DE, to enjoy this story.


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