True Fire Book 4. Were of the Drakon by B. Cameron Lee

True Fire Book 4. Were of the Drakon

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True Fire Book 4. Were of the Drakon

Most of the Northern Land is at peace, thanks to the efforts of Arwhon, his Shield, Servant and Arm but in a country far to the south, on the shores of the Inland Sea, there is upheaval. A white-bearded Healer, Septican Mycindun and his crippled grandson, Traginal, are forced to flee their home in the village of Bardton after an edict, condemning magic and banishing those with deformities, is passed by the heartless Regent of Melintana, Duke Erkhart. The pair escape north to the neighbouring country of Boronia where they stay at the keep of Septican’s friend, Wiley Balfour. What follows is life changing for both of them but eventually leads to possible capture and death at the hands of Duke Erkhart who years ago murdered Septican’s son. The Regent is so determined to become King of Melintana that he has enlisted the aid of a huge male drakon, Serkahn to assist in his takeover but Serkahn has his own plan, domination of his Drakon Queen and control of the drakon hive.
Meanwhile, Arwhon and Sihron’del fulfill a promise made to Cringle and accompany him to Cheshwon to help find his mother. The only clue Cringle has to his mother’s identity is the razor-edged Phoenix fan which she’d left with the woman who cared for him after his birth. Cheshwon proves to be a difficult place for them to travel in and evil once more rears its head to place difficulties in their path.
The world of True Fire has been expanded in this, the fourth of the series. Some of the characters from the first three books return once more and there are many new and interesting characters and lands to fire the imagination, as the reader is led deeper into novel and unusual situations and conflicts.
Here be Drakons.


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