Trifecta of Murder by Kenn Grimes

Trifecta of Murder (Booker Falls Mystery Series)

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Trifecta of Murder (Booker Falls Mystery Series)

Three murders in just a few days! That’s a lot of crime for the small town of Booker Falls, Michigan, in the 1920’s. First it was attorney Rudolph Folger, then bank teller Rachel Steinmyer, and last, her father Isiah, the owner of the bank. Local constable Henri de la Cruz is mystified which only piques the interest of his sometime girlfriend Myrtle Tully, assistant librarian at the local college and self-declared amateur sleuth. And by rights, as Myrtle was personally responsible for recently solving a long-ago murder. Now she is determined to put her skills to work again on this trifecta of murders and see what she can discover, much to Henri’s dismay. Are there three killers running loose in Booker Falls? Or is one villain responsible for all of the crimes? Myrtle is determined to find a connection between the three crimes––a seemingly impossible task as the three victims and the three crimes have little in common.


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