Transformation Camp: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 by Douglas Benjamin

Transformation Camp: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

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Transformation Camp: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Eric, Dan, and Jack thought they were taking a leisurely vacation in the woods — they didn’t expect to experience magical erotic transformations. But that’s exactly what they find on a trip to a sexy gay campground where nobody keeps their original form for long. Within moments of arrival, they’re soon down on all fours, turning into barking pups. Then it’s time to meet the neighbors, three jocks who managed to turn themselves into big strong stupid orcs. The transformation spells soon prove unpredictable, with little guys getting big and big guys getting small. At Transformation Camp, the only constant is that everyone wants to have sex with everyone else.

This is an explicit male/male transformation story, full of graphic sexual scenes, nudity, men being forced to bark on all fours as they grow fur and tails, dumb strong jocks getting even dumber and stronger, and big green hulking orc transformations.

Individuals pictured are models and are used for illustrative purposes only.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jack bit his lip again, that cute shy look that had initially drawn Dan and Eric to him. The two men had been exclusive up until about a year ago, but Jack was just so adorable they talked about going poly and bringing them into their household. Since then they hadn’t looked back, and had grown to adore their shared boyfriend.
“Go own, puppy,” said Dan. “You’d be so cute.”
Jack blushed again and looked away, then back, then away again. “Umm. Well… okay,” he said, taking a step toward the table. But Dan was standing on his shoelace, and Jack lost his balance and fell forward, knocking in to the table as he fell. The tennis call with the “PB” on the side rolled to the edge, fell, bounced off a wall and then ricocheted directly toward Dan.
Without thinking it through, Dan reached out to catch the ball — then he realized what he’d just done and dropped it.
“Whoops,” he said, holding his hand up to his face. “Well… nothing’s changing so I guess… arghhh … I guess it… oh shit!”
As he spoke, his fingers flexed and curled, trembled, and shrunk. The palm of his hand grew rough, swelling with paw pads, and fur grew over what were now clearly paws.
“You’re a dog,” Jack gasped.
“I’m a pup,” said Dan, “It’s differen—WOOF!”
The bark was unexpected, and he clapped his paws to his mouth in surprise. When he slowly removed them, fur had started to grow around his slight muzzle, and he nervously stuck out his tongue to lick his nose.
“Whoa,” said Jack, stepping closer to inspect him. He put his hands on Dan’s bare chest, rubbing the light body hair up and down, then leaned closer to rub the rough stubble of his face against the soft fur of Dan’s beard.
“Aroooo,” Dan whined. “Ruff! Feels so gooood.”
Jack kissed his ear, noting the pointy furry tips, then stepped back to look at him. “You look good as a dog,” he said.
“Pup!” said Dan. “I’m a RUFF! I’m a pup.”
“You’re a good boy,” said Jack, rubbing Dan’s head, and Dan’s eyes closed in bliss. “What a god boy. So cute.”
“Yeah,” Dan panted. “Good boy. Ruff! Oh WOOF that feels good.”
“Can you go down?” said Jack, pointing to the ground, and Dan sank to all fours, resting his paws on the ground. He stared up at Jack expectantly. “Good boy,” said Jack, patting him on the head again and scratching behind his ear. Dan’s foot started thumping happily on the floor. “Such a good pup. Would you like to change more?”
Dan cocked his head to the side, looking inquisitively up at Jack. “Ruff?” he barked.
Jack smiled. “Now where did that ball go?” He asked.


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