Thigh Mistress: 24/7 Dominatrixes Destroy the Boys by Ken Phillips

Thigh Mistress: 24/7 Dominatrixes Destroy the Boys

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Thigh Mistress: 24/7 Dominatrixes Destroy the Boys

Have you been enjoying Ken Phillips’ books about females defeating males? This is another instant classic! We profile a mother/daughter combo who take out the fellas! These South American beauties crush the male egos of the guys around them, utilizing their tremendous thighs and years of fighting experience. We also profiles a smaller South American lady who makes mince meat of an American man in private and in public. If you enjoy seeing a man reduced to being a boy, then this one is for you! Strong thighs also help with kicks and head scissors. Alicia is an American girl who busts a guy’s balls and knocks a big, strong man entirely OUT! At the end of this book you see the two returning Amazon-Wrestlers-Dominatrixes who will be featured in our next release. Enjoy the new, exciting world of Female Dominance….And it all must start with a butt-kicking!


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