Terms of Service

Terms of Service for the DownloadPDFeBooks.com website as of June 1, 2017. Valid for all sites in the downloadpdfebooks.com domain.


This website is intended for human users only. Any perceived use of automated tools to access this website will result in a temporary or permanent block of your IP address.

  • If you want to download many books manually, download them from one of our mirrors, which are included in each publication.
  • If you want a list of all our books, download and save the DownloadPDFeBooks.com Site Map file. It can be opened with every browser or word processor.
  • If you are behind a proxy or VPN because you want anonymity or because of company or school policy, you may be blocked because other users of the same address are misbehaving. Try turning the proxy or VPN off.

Book Copyright

Our ebooks may be freely used because most are not protected by copyright law, usually because their copyrights have expired. They may not be free of copyright in other countries. Readers must check the copyright laws of their countries before downloading or redistributing our ebooks. We also have a number of copyrighted titles, for which the copyright holder has given permission for unlimited non-commercial worldwide use.

DownloadPDFeBooks.com as Publisher

DownloadPDFeBooks.com does not promise or enforce adherence to any particular source item. We typically make each eBook from a single print book, but sometimes multiple print books are used. Even with a single print book, we make many changes: spelling modernization, dehyphenation, conversion to HTML or other formats, etc. Therefore, we are the publisher of our eBooks, even if print sources were used from prior publishers.

Sometimes an eBook will include mention of its source, and even then, this is not intended in any way that our eBooks are identical to that source print book.

Copyright page from Source

Sometimes an eBook will include a transcription or image of the original title page, verso (obverse) or other pages from a source print book used for the eBook. This may include a copyright statement, which will usually be before 1964 (see our “copyright how-to” for details). This does not mean that item is still copyrighted. The header/footer in the eBook from DownloadPDFeBooks.com will mention that such items are in the public domain in the US.

It is permitted, but not required, for our volunteer eBook producers to include front matter from print books they use.

No paperwork

DownloadPDFeBooks.com does not fill out permission forms or otherwise grant permission for public domain items. That’s what “public domain” means: nobody can grant permission.

We also do not process forms that somehow confirm non-copyright status. If you don’t trust the statement in an eBook that an item is in the public domain in the US, then some sort of form from the same place that made the public domain determination would be meaningless! If you need further assurances or research that an item is in the public domain, we recommend you arrange for the research yourself, to your own specifications.

For copyrighted content

There are thousands of items in the DownloadPDFeBooks.com collection which are still under copyright protection. Each copyrighted item is clearly indicated as copyrighted in the eBook’s header. Unless there is an included license with the copyrighted item (such as a creative commons license), you will need to contact the copyright holder for any needed permission. DownloadPDFeBooks.com cannot do this on your behalf, and does not have any ability to sublicense copyrighted works.

More details on items

Each eBook is complete and self-contained. If you want more information about an author, a publisher, the printed source(s) used, etc. and it’s not in the eBook, we probably don’t know either. Try another resource, such as your local librarian. DownloadPDFeBooks.com does not enforce adherence of its eBooks to any particular print source.

Deep Linking

Applies to website owners.

We do not allow large-scale deep-linking to ebook files hosted on external servers. We reserve the right to take legal and technical measures against this.

While the books we host are free, our server infrastructure and bandwidth is not. It is paid with money generously made available by our donors. We will not tolerate mock DownloadPDFeBooks.com front-ends that pocket advertising revenues while generously leaving the cost of actually serving the files to us.

OPDS feed

Applies to OPDS application developers.

Every application that uses our OPDS feed must:

  • Use a proper user-agent, like: calibre/1.1.0 (+http://www.calibre.org). Always include a contact address like a web page or email, so we can reach you. Applications without contact address and application developers that do not respond to our inquiries will be blocked from using our OPDS feed.
  • Make no more requests to our servers than a user with a browser typically would make (eg. for every search, request only one page of results, and automatically request the next page only if the users scrolls to the bottom of the previous page). If your application makes lots of requests, your users will be blocked at the IP level. .

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