Tamed by a Beast 3: An Urban Love Story by Indigo Love

Tamed by a Beast 3: An Urban Love Story

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Tamed by a Beast 3: An Urban Love Story

In the Tamed by a Beast finale Miss Debra finds herself face to face with her ex- best friend turned enemy, Connie. Old feelings resurface, causing her to revert back to the G she once was. However, she feels that the situation is personal and Kay should be able to get vengeance for what Connie allowed her boyfriend to do to Ky.

Ky is struggling with her feelings after everything she’s been through with her mom and Rodney. In the midst of it all she’s on an emotional rollercoaster. Hoping that the traumatic experience doesn’t scar her for life, she longs for her long time crush to love her. The thing is, she knows that due to circumstances beyond her control, it will never happen.

Jamir is planning the trip to Puerto Rico to a tee. Getting rid of Ramos once and for all is the first priority on his agenda. However, an unresolved issue with an unknown nemesis makes everything take a left turn.

Not able to enjoy being a newlywed, Kay is under a lot of stress after what happens to Jamir. It takes a toll on her physically and mentally. When a devastating loss causes her to rethink her vengeful actions, she is engulfed with the thought that karma is coming for her. Although she questions everything, she doubts nothing.

Laila and Tareal are getting closer, but someone from his past is hell bent on tearing them apart. Will Tareal’s baggage make her pull away, or will she continue to follow her heart?

While Tank is ready to take things to the next level with Leanna, Naomi has other plans. Her motives are clear and her actions speak louder than any words she could ever say. What Naomi isn’t prepared for is the fact that Leanna isn’t the one to come for.

With so much going wrong and so many lives at risk, the crew wonders if it’s an omen of what’s to come with Ramos, but they are still determined to give him the ultimate punishment for his sins.

Who will remain standing in the end and will these couples lives and love defy all odds? Find out in the third and last installment of this drama filled, action packed, fast paced, love story.


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