TAKE A CHANCE AND WIN: Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision Making by Wellington Manjengwa

TAKE A CHANCE AND WIN: Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision Making

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TAKE A CHANCE AND WIN: Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision Making

Take a Chance and Win
Guide to Risk Management for Personal Decision Making

Risks are a part of life. What differentiates those who take a risk and succeed and those who don’t is how they manage that risk.
Tony Robins once said, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

This book takes that philosophy and expands upon it. Grounded in the idea that how you approach decision-making and risk management determine success or failure, Take A Chance And Win aims to teach you the tenets of success in all aspects of your life and shows you how to capitalize upon effective risk management for regular decision making.
Inside you’ll discover:

•Strategies to avoid making poor decisions
•How risk management and decision making go hand in hand
•Why risk management is the biggest ingredient for success
•Practical strategies to clear obstacles to success
Whether you’re just beginning your life’s journey or have already endured your share of failure, an opportunity to succeed still exists. Embrace the proven strategies laid out in this book and discover the power of moving forward strategically for maximum impact. Essentially this book shows you how to TAKE A CHANCE AND WIN at the game of life.

About the Author
Wellington Manjengwa is a financial service professional with a passion for personal development, particularly in the area of successful decision making and applying risk management techniques to important matters of life. He’s currently developing a resource for individuals and businesses through his blog http://www.wellofinspiration.co/ where he shares information, ideas, and strategies for successful decision making and successful management of risk.

Browse back up & grab your copy of this amazing book right now to discover the best strategies to manage the risks you face in life!


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