Survival by KM Fortune

Survival (Forever Winter Chronicles) (Volume 2) (The Forever Winter Chronicles)

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Survival (Forever Winter Chronicles) (Volume 2) (The Forever Winter Chronicles)

The Forever Winter Chronicles make up a serialized adventure aimed at providing the reader a quick 90-minute escape from reality. It is being published in 12 episodes of over 20,000 words each with a volume being released on the 27th of every month to allow readers and fans to follow along as the story is written. The Forever Winter Chronicles star Raven Winter, a woman frozen in time from a freak accident, who is awakened over one hundred years in the future. The world has fallen through plague and nuclear war and she must learn to survive in a harsh winter dystopian landscape filled with peril. Using her own steadfast determination to persevere, and with the help of characters along the way, this ultimate women’s adventure emphasizes the message that if you believe in yourself good can prevail.

Raven Winter is awake and alone in the mountain wilderness. Running for her life, she struggles to flee to the refuge of the plains below. Yet the dangers of the new world threaten to overwhelm her and it will take all her inner strength to even survive in the empty wasteland where she finds herself.

The world is not as empty as Raven thinks. A small young woman, Kit, roams the plains searching for food and weapons to support her people. Brave and cunning, Kit follows a band of mutated men to the foot of the mountains, waiting for the perfect moment to steal their treasures.

If you like a quick read filled with intrigue and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KM Fortune’s next page-turning book. Explore the world of the Forever Winter Chronicles today and continue on your journey with Survival.


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