The Super Saga Book One: Wild Start by David Schlough

The Super Saga Book One: Wild Start

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The Super Saga Book One: Wild Start

Tesla McErickson has always dreamed of becoming a Superhero. So when he gains Superpowers and is invited to join the Global Superhero Foundation, imagine his excitement of not only getting to hunt down the nefarious Doc Croc and Mind Claw but also work alongside fellow Teenage Superhero Cyber Rose.

After centuries of waiting a terrible tyrant begins his plans for ascending to power. He sends forth his General to capture a Thaumaturge to aid in his scheme. However the Thaumaturge he captures is more than a little reluctant. How will he coax her into fulfilling the task he has planned.

Super Saga Book One: Wild Start is the debut novel in David Schlough’s Twelve part original series following Tesla McErickson otherwise known as Obsidian Jet.


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