Sugar Detox. 90+ Recipes: Overcome your sugar craving with these great “bad” sugar free recipes! by Natasha Brown

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Sugar Detox. 90+ Recipes: Overcome your sugar craving with these great “bad” sugar free recipes! (Weight Loss Book 3)

Introducing the number one solution for excess weight that refuses to shift, sluggishness, mood swings, mental fog and processed food cravings. This Sugar detox book, including a 31-day meal plan, will help you identify and eliminate the “Bad” added sugar found in nearly every processed food you purchase and consume, even “Health” foods!

Here is just some of the informative and transformative health and wellbeing advice you’ll gain from this sugar detox meal plan and book:

  • The Difference Between “Good” and “Bad” Sugar
  • Why Sugar is Added to Processed Food
  • Why Added Sugar is “Bad” for you
  • The Benefits of Purchasing and Preparing Meals Using Whole Foods
  • Sugar Detox Diet Plans Designed to Work For You
  • Delicious and Easy to Prepare Sugar Detox Recipes

This book is full of important information that finally explains how “Bad” sugar is the primary culprit robbing America of its health and well-being.

Are you ready to break the “Bad” habit of added sugar once and for all? Buy this essential book with 90+ "bad" sugar free recipes now!


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