The Struggle by Emme Gene

The Struggle (Five Book Friends 3)

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The Struggle (Five Book Friends 3)

Mo’s life has been one big struggle.
That was until one week in Vegas with friends.
A year goes by and Mo find outs she is married to Matt Clark.
When faced with a decision to make her marriage work
or divorce, Mo decided to work it out.
Tragedy strikes & Secrets are revealed.
Now, as Mo must move on with life as more secret surface.
Can Mo get past her husband’s lies & deceit and do what’s right?
Or will she say SCREW IT and start over?

Matt Clark is a wizard at Finance. But he sucks at love.
Wanting to settle in Vegas, only to find out he is married.
After a yearlong search for his wife, he finds her.
Between traveling for work trying to make a marriage work only for it to put a big hole in his marriage,
but being filled from another from his past.
When tragedy strikes him and his family, his secrets are revealed.
Not before he plans out his wife’s life for her.
Will his secrets and deceit leave Mo running back to Mississippi?

Alex Mitchell best friend of Matt’s since childhood.
Being an IT nerd allowed him to moving to Vegas.
He finds himself living with Matt and Mo, job hunting.
Seeing Mo & Matt every day, he sees everything that is goes on in the Clark house.
While Matt is his best friend, he’s beginning to see the web of lies and deceit his friend is throwing around.
Trying to shield Mo from Matt’s past has Alex is also facing battle with his feelings.
Can Alex be the support system and the man, his best friends wife needs?


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