Strict Victorian Domestic Discipline by Steele Star

Strict Victorian Domestic Discipline (6 story bundle)

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Strict Victorian Domestic Discipline (6 story bundle)

Enjoy 6 sexy stories of naïve, disobedient Victorian wives and servants receiving strict domestic discipline and correction – harsh spankings from their stern husbands, lords and other older men, with intense thrashings, humiliation, domination, submission and voyeurism.

Spanked By Her Victorian Husband

Naïve young wife Lady Chastity is horrified when the local shopkeeper confronts her proud aristocratic husband Lord Masterson about her unpaid bills for the latest French fashions. But her intense embarrassment turns into utter humiliation as the stern lord punishes her with a harsh spanking – administered together with the male servants.

Disciplined By Her Victorian Husband

When naïve young Lady Emma is caught smoking by her personal French tutor, Professor Duchamps, it is his duty to inform her new husband, the stern Lord Vigor. The disciplinarian aristocrat is determined to correct his disobedient lady wife, with a harsh and utterly humiliating spanking – administered by both himself and the Professor.

Punished By Her Victorian Husband

Newly-wed Lady Vivian is ordered by her strict husband Lord Roderick to stay away from the harvest fields. When the naïve Lady disobeys, the rough farm labourers stop work, believing she's cursed the harvest. The only remedy is a pagan punishment ritual, of a harsh, humiliating spanking in public. By her implacable Lord – in front of the whole village.

Spanked By Her Victorian Master

Deliciously curvy Victorian dairymaid Polly is caught pleasuring herself in the stables instead of working. Her powerful master, stern Lord Greystone, and his handsome friend Lord Wylde discipline her with humiliating and painful spankings on her beautifully rounded bottom.

Spanked By Her Victorian Lord

Naughty Victorian maidservant Lucy can't resist peeking at the discipline erotica in Lord Hardacre's library. Being caught red-handed requires a humiliating and painful spanking to turn her pretty rear bright red, too. A spanking carried out by the most handsome Lord in the county, as Lord Hardacre watches.

Spanked By Her Victorian Baron

Innocent governess Eve yearns to penetrate Baron Stoneton's secret dungeon room. But when the Baron and his aristocratic friends find her with his collection of antique whips, her intense embarrassment becomes outright humiliation as the noblemen punish her with a harsh spanking. Then give the governess her own intimate education – her first-ever domination by the lash.


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