Stone Wielder: Book 3 of the Middengard Sagas by June Wilson

Stone Wielder: Book 3 of the Middengard Sagas

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Stone Wielder: Book 3 of the Middengard Sagas

“Alice didn’t want to be mean to Josh, but she didn’t feel like talking. She needed time to think. She had to get the Second Stone. Too many people had died for her to give up now: Jess, probably Gawain, maybe even Isolde. She had left her two friends fighting to the death at the crater and at least one of them had to be dead. And she still wasn’t sure who had betrayed her. All the evidence pointed to Gawain – but was it really true?”

Alice’s quest for the Second Stone has failed. Back in Melbourne once more, and staying in the home of her enemy Adrian Winter, Josh is her only ally in trying to outwit Adrian and return the Stone to its rightful place in Skellstor. Without it, she’ll never be able to get Toby home.

Daunted but not giving up, Alice takes heart when Isolde appears and delivers a message. And when Josh begins to remember what happened to him in Middengard, Alice takes the dangerous step of taking him with her into the Weald. Soon she’s playing a dangerous game of catch me if you can, with Adrian and Mathilde in pursuit as Alice faces her biggest challenge yet – an audience with Freya.

As Alice finally learns about her destiny, Toby and Iris continue in the battle against powerful new enemies. As Skellstor faces a siege that threatens to destroy the White City and all within its walls, the only question is, will Alice arrive in time to save them?

The third book of the Middengard Sagas, Stone Wielder, brings all your favourite characters together for the final battle against Adrian and Mathilde. But this time it’s not just a battle for Middengard, but for the human world too.


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