It All Started with a One Night Stand by Mesha Mesh

It All Started with a One Night Stand

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It All Started with a One Night Stand

Law has been betrayed in the worst way by a woman he loved to no end. A chance encounter with Mya, whose night was equally as bad, ends up being the greatest one night stand he had ever had. After a long night of swapping transgressions, she leaves as quietly as a thief in the night, and he doesn’t run into her again until years later. Unbeknownst to him, the sweet, heartbroken, vulnerable woman he once shared something so beautiful with was no more, and he now has to help rebuild her. But is she even worth the trouble?

All it took was one disastrous event to send Mya’s happy life spiraling out of control, and into complete and utter chaos. Her disgraceful fall from wifey to side chick left her bitter, and with a mindset that even she was ashamed of. However, it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun, and payback is all that she cares about until Law manages to work his way in, and somehow triggers her to want to change the error of her wicked ways.

When it comes to Nano, he selfishly wants his cake and eat it too. Having multiple women was fun at first, but things get out of hand fast, and he’s left with an extremely hard decision to make. Do you choose the one you love or the one you like?

In this shilling tale love is lost, friends somehow become enemies, and jealousy becomes fuel for hate. What happens when things get old and you’re finally fed up? Do you try to get away and move on, or is it too late due to the slew of bad decisions that you’ve already made? Find out what happens when your not careful, and it all starts with a one night stand.

(This is a re-release!!)


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