Stara’s Wish by Pavan Lewis

Stara's Wish

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Stara’s Wish

Stara Estrella cannot remember how she got to her life as an indentured worker in the city of Tucson-2, on the planet Earth. But when she is falsely accused of theft and given a chance for a new life on a colony planet she is thrown in with a group of humans and aliens who begin to reveal a path to her true self – even as the horrifying warlord Dor-Vape and his insidious, faceless servants track her down. As she moves toward a final confrontation that will threaten the life of everyone she cares about, Stara must find her power – and make a final sacrifice – to conquer this ruthless evil: as she discovers that the truth of her own nature is more shocking than she ever imagined…
‘A space fantasy of the highest order – teens and adults will enjoy this action driven space adventure!’

Genre: YA fiction, Teen fiction; fantasy; mystery; horror; sci fi


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