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Because of biological warfare thousands of years ago, Earth was nearly destroyed and its current inhabitants are struggling to survive. Unknown to them, they are being aided by outside forces whose aim is to repair the damage done to the planet and restore it to a viable state.
One such restorer, bearing the title of Sower, is among those tasked with performing a necessary function that will rebuild the diminished population. This is done by – well, let’s just say that he gets the job done. He is young, smart, resilient, and finds the existing main food staples of rats and cockroaches to be quite tasty.
However, in this final stage of the restoration plan, events get dangerous.
Will he be able to hold his own with primitive males who find him in their camp? What will he do to survive a night with eight native women? And, can he save his trapped AI partner from a new menace that also threatens the forests and places the restoration of Earth in jeopardy?


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