Sound Investigations – A Deadly Dive by Dennis Willard

Sound Investigations - A Deadly Dive

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Sound Investigations – A Deadly Dive

Hank Castor has been a law enforcement officer most of his adult life. Devastated by the unsolved murder of his wife, he abandons his career as a federal agent to pursue the killer and exact revenge. Consumed by guilt and grief in the six years since the murder, he has become moody and prone to violent outbreaks of temper. Hank’s daughter Betsy, anxious to help, throws out a lifeline Hank is not sure he wants to grasp.

History professor Eldon Quist’s carefully organized world has come crashing down. Accusations of plagiarism, sexual misconduct, and foul play have stripped him of all he held dear. His academic career in ruins and his wedding engagement broken, he returns to Seattle after the sudden death of his parents. He is adrift, awash in self-pity until he meets Candice Wells, a fiery, independent-minded young artist who challenges him to move forward.

Porter Wells, former business tycoon and womanizer turned civic-minded activist drowns while scuba diving. His estranged daughter Candice suspects that backroom politics at City Hall involving a multi-million dollar project sponsored by a shady corporation was responsible. She enlists the help of her new landlord, Eldon. Candice also turns to her best friend Betsy, and the women trap Hank and Eldon into an uneasy partnership. Navigating a world of secret meetings, stolen documents, embezzlement, abuse, kidnapping, and murder, they unravel the truth behind Porter’s death and discover a daughter no one knew existed. As the suspect pool narrows, Hank finds his worst nightmare made real as he races to rescue his daughter from a merciless killer. Though their personalities clash, Hank and Eldon find their strengths are complementary and with a little prompting, they form a new business venture – Sound Investigations.


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