The Soul Auction by Amy Cross

The Soul Auction

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The Soul Auction

“I saw a woman on the beach. I watched her face a demon.”

Thirty years after her mother’s death, Alice Ashcroft is drawn back to the coastal English town of Curridge. Somebody in Curridge has been reviewing Alice’s novels online, and in those reviews there have been tantalizing hints at a hidden truth. A truth that seems to be linked to her dead mother.

“Thirty years ago, there was a soul auction.”

Once she reaches Curridge, Alice finds strange things happening all around her. Something attacks her car. A figure watches her on the beach at night. And when she tries to find the person who has been reviewing her books, she makes a horrific discovery.

What really happened to Alice’s mother thirty years ago? Who was she talking to, just moments before dropping dead on the beach? What caused a huge rockfall that nearly tore a nearby cliff-face in half? And what sinister presence is lurking in the grounds of the local church?

THE SOUL AUCTION is the story of a woman’s search to discover the truth about her mother’s death, and of an evil force that once came to visit a sleepy English town.


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