Snoqualmie Strange: A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide by Jim St. James

Snoqualmie Strange: A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide (Mist Gate Book 1)

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Snoqualmie Strange: A Most Peculiar Hiking Guide (Mist Gate Book 1)

This is like no other guidebook. The curious tome is filled with legendary tales, mystic exercises, true history, little-known hikes through mysterious ruins, and it has an appendix filled with detailed descriptions of the odd tools the Warden carries when he patrols the Strange and supernatural landscape of the Snoqualmie Territory. Even without strapping on boots and hiking the trails, the material in this book will resonate with anyone who suspects there’s more to reality than polite society likes to admit.

An enchanted territory harboring mysterious ruins, mythic waterfalls, and a hidden supernatural history lies waiting in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains 25 miles east of Seattle. This odd book is an adventurer’s guide to that Strange and magical land.

WARNING: Exploring The Strange is an Act of Rebellion.

It’s a rebellion against a culture whose paltry version of “reality” is defined only by what it can measure, sell, and consume. It is a rebellion that asks you to trust the sovereignty of your own witness over the vested opinions of “expert” authorities. And it’s an act of rebellion that comes with certain dangers.

You may encounter beings that others cannot directly perceive. Your position in the flow of time may wiggle and shift. Your life might change in ways you do not expect, and your heart may find a love you never sought. Most dangerous of all, your understanding of reality may slip outside of the mainstream consensus.

If that’s too much for you, don’t worry. Think of this guide as nothing more than entertaining diversion. You’ll see the standard, beautiful things that everyone else sees, and you’ll be safe — mostly.

For those not afraid to step off polite society’s established and well-trod trails take heart, for it’s only the rebels and renegades who are willing to stray from those paths that have ever been the ones to discover anything new.

With in-depth stories, hand-crafted maps, and intriguing photos Warden Jim St. James walks intrepid adventurers though the supernatural landscape of the Mist Gate adventure area. All the information needed to explore the actual forests, ruins, and waterfalls where mythic and supernatural events occurred is provided. Three unusual adventures are covered in detail. Explanations of the “physics” of the Strange Realms are discussed along with exercises and tools Wardens use to operate effectively in the Spirit World. Detailed accounts of polite history offer context for the extraordinary things that happened in these places.

Readers will:

•Discover the Legend of Stone Heart Island where the forbidden love of a hero and an enchanted maiden etched a carving deep into the rock that now offers blessings to any couple who can find it and kiss over it.

•Unearth the secrets of the illuminated chamber buried deep within the rock under Snoqualmie Falls, and learn why it is packed with devices designed by “mad scientist,” Nikola Tesla.

•Uncover the story behind the ancient samurai sword hidden deep in a cave high on Moon Mountain that has silently protected the Snoqualmie Territory for decades.

The curious can go deeper down the rabbit hole with web links relevant to the stories of each hike. Every adventure also includes directions to and descriptions to other nearby activities and points of interest. Driving directions and hike summaries are included. At the end of the book, adventurers will find instructions for reporting any Strange experiences they themselves may encounter while exploring the Snoqualmie Territory.

BONUS: A bonus appendix covers Strange descriptions and uses for over 45 specialized tools Warden Jim St. James carries when patrolling the Strange landscape of the Snoqualmie Territory.

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