The Slave and the Prince by Melissa Snow

The Slave and the Prince

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The Slave and the Prince

Years after the Earth has been invaded by the Blugers, and humans taken to the planet of Belezian to work as slaves, a love story between a slave boy and an eccentric prince blossoms.

Lenox is a farm worker for a cruel taskmaster known as Lord Plargue. His existence revolves around trying to complete his work without killing himself, and avoiding punishment from the supervisors. He walks a very fine line until, nearing his nineteenth birthday, he is sold along with other humans of breeding age to the eccentric Prince Gavron. Though Gavron saves Lenox from almost certain death, Lenox has gotten by his whole life by withholding trust and ducking away from authority. To trust Gavron means going against his very nature, but Gavron might very well be the only person to help him.

Contains a collection of FREE Bonus Romance Stories. For Mature Audiences Only!


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