Skirting Disaster: A Sissy Husband’s Humiliation by Aurora Sparks

Skirting Disaster: A Sissy Husband's Humiliation (Sissified Husband First Time Feminization Crossdressing Size Queen Cuckold Menage Erotica Novelette)

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Skirting Disaster: A Sissy Husband’s Humiliation (Sissified Husband First Time Feminization Crossdressing Size Queen Cuckold Menage Erotica Novelette)

"Before long, my wife’s lover was railing my newly-devirginized asshole at a steady pace, grunting and panting like a wild animal from the exertion. He hunched over me and snaked a hand around my body to roughly fondle my ‘tits.’ A bit of the toilet paper with which Chloe had stuffed my bustier fell out. God, how embarrassing! I thought. But Jared was too engrossed in screwing me to notice or care.

My sissified body was loosening up now. As I grew acclimated to the sensation of getting rectally reamed, I became more conscious of the subtleties of the experience: the warmth of the hunk’s muscular torso heaving against me, seeping through the leather and laces of my bustier. His quick shallow breaths against the downy hairs of my neck. The intensifying fragrance of sweat emanating from our bodies, mingling with the lube’s sweet scent and other, unmentionable odors."

Fed up with her husband, Greg’s lackluster performance in the bedroom, Chloe Walker purchases some sexy lingerie in hopes of spicing up their love life, only to have her plan backfire when her hubby ruins their romantic evening by ejaculating prematurely. Following the incident, Greg finds himself seriously doubting his masculinity. Even worse, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Chloe’s lacy underthings.

Unable to resist his perverted urges, Greg calls in sick to work one day and squeezes into Chloe’s bustier, g-string and silk stockings—but gets caught in the act when his wife comes home early from work. To his surprise, she’s not disgusted by the sight of him in her lingerie, but intrigued, and offers to help take his transformation to the next level by giving him a full-body sissy makeover, including slutty makeup, a new wig, and a Brazilian wax!

But there’s something Greg doesn’t know: Chloe’s been cheating on him with her coworker, a musclebound, well-hung hunk by the name of Jared—and she’s secretly invited her lover over to check out Greg’s embarrassing new look. Confronted with Chloe’s infidelity, Greg feels betrayed and humiliated, but also strangely aroused. Once he’s swallowed his pride, the disgraced husband discovers just how much fun it can be to take the man who cucked him in the mouth and ass, while the woman he loves stands by and watches!


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