How to Sit and Stay with Compassionate Meditation by Sabrina Johnson

How to Sit and Stay with Compassionate Meditation (Instant Insights)

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How to Sit and Stay with Compassionate Meditation (Instant Insights)

You can learn how to meditate with ease and joy, or if you already meditate, you can add an even greater measure of ease and joy to your practice. How to Sit & Stay offers a new approach to the ancient art of meditation. Taking cues from our beloved, furry, four-legged pets—masters at living from the heart in the present moment—you can learn how to start increasing mindfulness into your daily life with the lightness that comes from compassion for self and others. It is the realization that our dear pets already innately know: true compassion is sitting and staying totally present in the moment with an open heart—and perhaps a little hip wiggle and tail wag.


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