Silence: A Thriller by Lauren Hawkeye

Silence: A Thriller

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Silence: A Thriller

Nikita Wilson is ready for a fresh start. On the heels of her stay in a mental hospital, she’s excited by her newest project: a series of photos capturing the eerie landscape of one of China’s ghost cities. She finds that she doesn’t mind the company of enigmatic fellow photographer David Aspen either—in fact, her flirtation with the world-renowned artist makes her think her life is finally looking up.

When she and David hear about six people who have disappeared in the area in the last year, they dismiss it as an urban legend. But within days someone is stalking them across the empty city, and Nikita must embrace her inner demons, remembering things she’s tried to forget in order to play the game that their hunter has set out specifically for them. But even that may not be enough to ensure that they make it out of the silence of the city alive…


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