Shotgun Romance: by Maya V Jameson

Shotgun Romance: (Cyber Thief Romance Series Book 1)

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Shotgun Romance: (Cyber Thief Romance Series Book 1)

Shotgun Romance
Book 1 Cyber Thief Romance Series
The year is 2145. Cass Morgan is a cybernetically enhanced thief for hire, and one of the most successful in her business.
That is, until she receives an assignment to steal the only shotgun in the world that wasn’t destroyed in World War III.
The shotgun happens to be in the private collection of the city’s most notorious billionaire playboy, Reginald Jamison III. Cass sets out to insert herself into his high-class world and seduce him to gain access to the shotgun.
But things become challenging when Cass starts to fall for Reginald. The seductress quickly becomes the seduced, and she has to keep reminding herself that she’s there to do a job. The problem is that Cass doesn’t really want to go through with the job anymore. She wants to be with Reginald.
What will Cass choose: her job, or a chance at happiness?


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