Shifter Squad Nine: Complete Series by Anya Nowlan

Shifter Squad Nine: Complete Series (MFM SEAL Shapeshifter qRomance)

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Shifter Squad Nine: Complete Series (MFM SEAL Shapeshifter qRomance)

A SEAL will stop at nothing to save the ones he loves.

There’s no one as protective and as fierce as a SEAL, especially a shapeshifter SEAL! A squad of men brought together through unexpected means and made to function together when all they know is to rebel, they have to find brotherhood and trust in order to save their fated mates and their babies. The Shifter Squad Nine men are hard as steel, tough as nails and ready for anything in the name of the ones they love.

When a mate is in need and a secret baby revealed, all bets are off and Shifter Squad Nine is on the move!

This anthology includes four full novels from the Shifter Squad Nine series. Each book has a happily ever after ending, no cheating and can and should be read as a standalone!

The boxed set includes:

Bear My Heir
Led together by fate and determination, Dice has to save his fated, keep his crew alive and at bay, and worst of all, save his cub, who is nothing but a pawn for his enemies. Can Dice and Meredith reunite and beat the lies, deceit and pure terror that controls their lives, or is this a new beginning only meant to fail?

Kitten Me Twice
Ryker and Rio Tyren have pasts worth boasting about, though only to those who can stomach the destruction that comes with it. Only when they learn that they have something left to fight for – a woman they thought lost, and children they never knew about, do these men need to reconsider their paths. Keep going down to hell, or start fighting for a way out?

Chasing For Cubs
Thor Dremmons can kill anyone he can see, and that’s all he has seen in his life for years now. When a woman comes to his life who can take his sight away, he knows things will change. Just not how much. He’s destroyed so much that building something up seems almost impossible to the wereleopard sniper. But with a mate and a baby no one could have expected as his to protect, he’s finally ready to protect something again.

Twice The Pups
Price and Prowler Renard are not family men. When a woman sweeps them both off their feet, they’re entirely unprepared for it… and entirely ready for more. As quickly as she appeared, she disappeared and when they discover that they’re not only missing her, but their heirs as well, nothing could stop these two from claiming what is theirs.

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