Shared Secrets: A Story About Nudists by Martin Brant

Shared Secrets: A Story About Nudists (The Nudist Series Book 7)

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Shared Secrets: A Story About Nudists (The Nudist Series Book 7)

People don’t wake up one day and decide to become a nudist. It generally takes a catalyst to spark the idea. You might read an article on the subject and become curious. You might decide to air-dry after a shower and walk into the kitchen naked to make a pot of coffee. The air conditioner goes out before the housework is finished and you take your clothes off in an attempt to stay cool. Or a friend might invite you to go to a nude beach and you decide to give it a try.

Then, during the course of any of these events, something happens. While you’re making the coffee you realize how refreshing your nudity feels. After the housework is finished you realize how good it feels to be free of your clothes. Or before your day at the nude beach comes to an end, you are asking yourself why anyone wants to wear a swimsuit to go swimming. The next thing you know is you are wearing clothes only when you have to.

For Tiffany Morgan it happened one day at the river, when she and her younger brother were fishing together. After catching a few catfish, she suggested they go swimming. Without swimsuits, they dove in wearing their underwear, which triggered Tiffany’s imagination. Stepping out of the river, much to her brother’s astonishment, she takes her underwear off. A while later, she successfully taunts him into following suit.

Thus begins a new perspective, a new kind of freedom, a way to make life more fun for two teenagers. The question in Tiffany’s mind becomes: can she encourage her mother to get out of her clothes so they can become a family of nudists?


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