Sex Fantasy: Hanging My Neighbor’s Holiday by Bio Paulin

Sex Fantasy: Hanging My Neighbor’s Holiday

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Sex Fantasy: Hanging My Neighbor’s Holiday

Every nerve in my body screamed to rush inside and take her with no mercy while my brain attempted to reassert control. With a supreme effort, I tore my eyes away from Anna and resumed work. Within a few minutes, I finished hanging the lights and if they weren’t hung as well as the earlier ones who could blame me. My erection hadn’t shrunk, in fact, it felt harder than ever, but I steeled myself to return inside and get away from my sexy neighbour as fast as possible. Plugging the end of the string to an extension cord, I opened the window and went in feet first.

As I stood, I saw that Anna was waiting for me and her robe remained open with one of her hands still playing with her large, full breast. Before I had time to move, her free hand reached out and grabbed the prominent bulge in my pants, squeezing it gently and driving me crazy with desire.

“Anna…” I began, but she moved her hand from her breast to my mouth, and I could taste and smell her juices on it as her finger pressed to my lips.

“Shh John, don’t talk. Now isn’t the time for that, now is the time for action.”

While she said that her hand continued working its magic on me, in fact, she managed to get my fly open and slip her small hand inside my pants. She took her hand from my mouth and with it took my gloved hand and brought it to her full breast. I grabbed her and Anna gasped from the rough material rubbing her soft skin, but once I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she moaned with pleasure.

Leaning down my mouth took her other nipple inside where my teeth nipped it. Her hand now held me firmly to her bosom where I sucked eagerly on her erect nipple. By now Anna had managed to remove my erection through my underwear, and her fingers were stroking it softly. It felt like heaven as she pumped it from the base up to my sore head when without warning she pulled free of me and sank her body down.


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