Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk by Alex Walking

Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk

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Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhasa
“Homage to Him, the Worthy One without defilements, perfectly self-enlightened.”


This book will be condemned by many. No vows of secrecy bind me. Exposing as much as I do will bring reproach from different quarters.

The most damning will be those who believe they understand the teaching of the historical figure honoured above in the Pali language, a dialect of which he spoke daily. Now he’s usually known by the Sanskrit rendering ‘Siddhartha Gautama (the) Buddha’, although his friends may have called him ‘Sid’. Those, though, that have penetrated the truth of his teaching to any dogma-dropping degree will just smile in recognition and say, “But of course, why should it be any different?”

Commonly accepted comic-book-grade fantasies aside, this son of an elected provincial governor on a short minor arm of the Indochinese trade route, Siddattha of the Gotama clan (Pali rendering), is widely regarded as the greatest genius to walk the face of our Earth in recorded times. Immediately before his death, he said, “I’ve taught the nature and laws of the universe without any idea of an inner and an outer teaching. I don’t have the closed fist of the teacher who holds things back.”

Almost all of those who read this will never have personal access to an accomplished meditation teacher. I’ve written this for them as well as for those that do. You never know who might have only a little dust on their eyes. This is my love offering to humanity at large out of gratitude for having the teachers that I so fortunately did. May it help a lot of people become more balanced, present, and effective – for the good of us all.

Of the 127 footnotes, forty refer to the Pali canon of Theravada Buddhism and twenty more to the Visuddhimagga, one of its two chief commentaries. I have zero tolerance for “The Buddha said…” or did or taught without authentication and I encourage you to as well.

Part autobiography, part textbook, I waste no time in getting a bit technical in places. It then lightens up because the groundwork’s in place. There’s a solid six chapters of story-telling starting with Chapter 5. My prescription for more satisfying living starts in Chapter 12. Personal stories abound throughout.

Every part is designed to behave as an appetiser for deeper understanding. My aim is for this nutritious buffet to be complete as an introduction to interwoven topics. Just a little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

Integral to fully comprehending the chapters are the last sections in the book called ‘Theory and Practice’. There are places in some of the chapters where you are encouraged to read particular sections to further enhance your enjoyment and grasp of the material presented. These sections all start with what pages they are referenced from for ease of navigation and cohesive reading.

Advance Warning: Theory and Practice sections C, D and E contain serious spoilers for Vipassana meditation practitioners. These can easily – and most likely would – derail ultimate success but this book wouldn’t be complete as an authoritative work without them. There are warnings where they start. If you read them, consider yourself to be a consenting adult.

Although first in the title, the sex comes near the end of all of the chapters. That allows it to be in context. Think of this arrangement as indispensable foreplay for your peak pleasure.

I’m fortunate to have a memory for detail. Although I sometimes paraphrase conversations, I’ve tried to avoid doing so. I invoke artistic licence in relating them as well-remembered as possible.

‘Alex Walking’ is a pen name. I deeply value my privacy. To that end, I’ve omitted many details that would allow me to be traceable. If you think you know who I am then I I hope you’ll rise to the occasion and respect my wishes for anonymity.


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