Satan’s War on You by Tommy George

Satan's War on You

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Satan’s War on You

In an easy-to-read conversational ‘pop-culture’ style, follow Satan’s unrelenting war on all of mankind, from the beginning to the end. And hey, that’s you and me pal.
Satan declared war on mankind in the Garden of Eden. From the moment Eve bit into Satan’s lie, we were all in trouble. Satan’s war continued non-stop until God brought on the Flood, and used Noah to get us out of the mess.
In Egypt, Satan tempted a very human Abram to pimp his wife, Sarai to pharaoh. Then later, he misled Isaac to do the very same thing with Rebekah. He even bamboozles a ‘love-smit’ Jacob, involving him with a couple of dolls and a shrewd father-in-law.
Satan enjoyed leading a ‘long-neglected’ Judah down the primrose path – setting the lad up with a red-hot bimbo fresh out of Canaan. Judah went for the program big time, knowing that it was an absolute ‘no-no’ as far as the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Israel were concerned.
Moses suffered constant attacks from Satan, while leading the Israelites through the wilderness, and these attacks never let up until he reached the border of the Promised Land. And, while they fought to take the land of Canaan, Joshua and Caleb became Satan’s main targets.
Satan then waged a successful war against Israel, placing the Midianites in the cat-bird seat until Gideon and his heroic 300 came along to stymie them – with a little help from God. This story is the stuff movies are made of.
The Devil then focused his hatred in on David, and his whole House. His attack continued until Israel divided onto two separate nations – Israel, and of Judah. Then, Satan set out to destroy both nations. Check out the hi-jinx of Ahab and Jezebel – and their evil daughter Athaliah, as she does her number.
Watch Israel disappear into world history, and Judah led into in Babylonian captivity. After 70 years, Judah returned to Jerusalem, only to face the rise of the King of the North and the King of the South. Find out who these jokers are – read the book.
Judah was cursed with the rise of King Antiochus ‘Looney-Tunes’ Seleucid. Satan led this anti-Christ of the Old Testament to try to erase Judah off the face of the map, but the heroic Maccabees ran old Looney-Tunes back to Syria where he came from. However, Judah then came face-to-face with the might of Rome, and was forced to live under the Edomite King Herod.
Travel with Jesus, as he fulfills prophecy, heals countless sick, cast out demons and raised the dead. And watch as old man Satan makes sure that none of this reaches the hearts of the ‘wheeler-dealers’ running in the Temple. These blokes, it turned out, had other plans for Jesus.
After the Crucifixion and Resurrection, witness the birth of the Church on that Pentecost Sunday, and experience the first ever ‘Christian’ sermon – delivered by Peter to the market-day crowd in Jerusalem. Peter made them an offer they couldn’t refuse, and 3,000 souls came to Christ that day.
Years later, on the Isle of Patmos, as Jesus dictates seven letters to John, to be delivered to the seven churches in Asia, Jesus prophesied the exact course of Church history over the next two thousand years, right up to the days of Anti-Christ, and the False Prophet. Then be there at the Battle of Armageddon, as Satan gathers his vast hoard to take one last shot at eliminating the Jew – and the rest of mankind.
•Don’t forget – that’s you and me, pal!
Read all about this…and a whole lot more! Take fair warning! Read – Satan’s War on You.


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