The Salesman: Fertility Idol: Changes by Gregory Michelson

The Salesman: Fertility Idol: Changes

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The Salesman: Fertility Idol: Changes

The Fertility Idol is spreading its blessing across the back roads of America!

Hank is a traveling salesman, but pretty soon he’s going to become a dominant alpha male with the body of a God!

Laura, a divorced farm owner, and her college-aged friend, Shelly, are about to discover just how incredible the idol’s blessing can be as their bodies become curvy visions of fertility that they are only too eager to share with the powerful man who has stopped at their home. They’ll share everything with him, and he’ll reward them with the kind of hard, fast and totally unprotected action they’ve come to crave. Two hot women, who now desperately want this godlike man to plow their fertile fields, and who will end up giving him everything.

It’s a time of changes as the Fertility Idol transforms the world, person by person, into a sexy paradise for men and women alike!


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