The Rush Of Wind Through Magnolias by Denise Moncrief

The Rush Of Wind Through Magnolias (Haunted Hearts Series Book 9)

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The Rush Of Wind Through Magnolias (Haunted Hearts Series Book 9)

Finding your place in the world isn’t easy…

Chandra Delacroix always wanted out of the small town where she grew up. Big city life beckoned her with its bright lights and fast pace. Before she could find her place in the world, New Orleans had sucked the life right out of her. Now broke and broken, she’s back in St. Denis Parish.

Coming home opens up old wounds and refreshes old memories…

Dale Pritchard could have told Chandra what would happen to her when she moved to New Orleans. He’d tried, laying his heart out, only to have her stomp on it before she left without saying goodbye. Now, she’s back and needs a friend. His kind heart can’t say no. Not to the woman he’d loved and lost.

Stirring up old secrets can stir up more than danger…

Her obsession with discovering who murdered her sister blinds Chandra; so much so that Dale worries she’s ignoring the danger. He follows her lead, hoping to be right there with her when she gets in over her head. Stumbling upon secrets long hidden on Wakefield Plantation sucks them both into a nightmare that they might not be able to survive.

Can love repair the damage done to the heart before the soul-chilling rush of wind through magnolias destroys another soul?


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