Royal Dick by Melinda Minx

Royal Dick

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Royal Dick

I’m prince Rikard Nordgaard, but you can call me Dick.
No one can know that I’m the Nordian prince, at least not until I’m married.
Good thing I just found my bride…she’s an American tourist named Jane.
My father’s on his deathbed, and my country’s at war.
So if plain Jane wants this Royal Dick, she better say “I do,” and fast.

I just wanted to tour the castle, but as soon as I cross the drawbridge, I’m taken hostage.

Just when it looks like I’m as good as dead, prince Rikard Nordgaard himself sneaks in and comes to my rescue. He takes out the terrorists, and then he takes me out—to dinner.

He’s tall, dark, and a freaking prince. His smile melts my insides, and even when he’s being a total dick, his charm and wit is razor sharp.

Every little girl knows growing up that the Nordian princes must marry commoners, but I’d thrown those dreams out with my Barbie dolls. And now the prince himself is asking me to marry him—to make me his princess.

All I have to do is say ‘yes,’ and my life will change forever. The terrorists are starting a civil war, and the king is dying, so it won’t exactly be all sunshine and roses. But how can I say no to a prince? Even if he is a royal dick.

**This is a full-length, standalone prince and princess romance. No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After is guaranteed!**


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