The Road’s End: A Tale of Two Brothers and The Unexpected Journey to Bounty by Tina R. Ferguson

The Road's End: A Tale of Two Brothers and The Unexpected Journey to Bounty

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The Road’s End: A Tale of Two Brothers and The Unexpected Journey to Bounty

Deep within every heart is a yearning for more.

Two brothers, living in a tyrannical kingdom struggling against poverty, discover a rare ancient text that paints a picture of untold riches and community harmony. A way of life so different and alluring, the two brothers immediately decide to leave their kingdom in hopes they can find such a life for themselves. Following the few clues provided in the text, the brothers embark on the journey of a lifetime. The choice to believe there may be something better outside the comfort of what they know was an easy one. Learning to trust themselves and use the text’s cryptic guidance proves harder. They journey through three lands, meeting strangers who each give a gift reflective of the land in which they reside. Soon, the brothers find themselves at the crossroads between the heart that knows unseen riches exist and the mind that clings to security that can only be found in what can be seen and felt. Do they stay in the land that has provided them security in the form of gold, food and shelter, or do they risk it all in faith for all the riches they cannot yet see but have been promised by every stranger along the way?

Three lands. Two brothers. One extraordinary journey. What will they discover at the road’s end?


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